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Wonderful resources

This morning’s email brought in some exceptional links; must share. The first batch (thanks to Janet John) are fabric sources, all in the UK but all online of course, so definitely of potential use to sewers anywhere who can’t get the often arcane stuff we want locally: Both of these outfits have a…

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Testing Amazon

Greetings, all; new to this blogging-amazon feature, so here’s a test:I’ve been posting stuff here: Before I launched this amazon link, I posted info about the new cover and DVD table of contents; a note about why there’s no fitting in my book, and most recently, a DVD preview video clip, covering what’s on the…

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DVD Preview

Introducing Making Trousers: The DVD from David Coffin on Vimeo. For a full-size view of this preview video, go to Making Trousers: The DVD …which is the permanent home for info on using the DVD. This site you’re on now will remain the active blog for all other posts relating to the book, and to…

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