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Jan SAL: What IS shirt fit, and how to get it?

Here’s my modest proposal regarding the fit of shirts: It’s all in the shoulders, and everywhere else, it’s all style choices. To be sure, that’s a tad extreme, pared down to be quoteable, as obviously when necks are too tight or loose, sleeves too long or short and buttons nearly popping off at chest or…

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January Shirts Sew-Along: 1. Picking a Pattern

The most common question I’ve been getting in the run-up to this event has been some variation on “Is this a good pattern to use?” My answer is always some variation on “If you like it, sure!” Not immediately very helpful, I suppose, even though it goes right to the core question, in my opinion.…

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My January Facebook Sew-Along: A Preview

Last year I was invited to host a sew-along (SAL) for a neat Facebook group, Sew-A-Longs & Sewing Contests, and I was delighted to accept, since I’d been planning to start doing this in the new year on my own. But so much nicer to have a built-in audience! Thank you, Judy O’Day (the group…

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  Comparing the Archer shirt front to a collection of Big-4 women’s shirts the same size. Read more here, at my first guest post for

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